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All of the doming products produced by Unisect Resources Ltd in UK and by Unisect Resources Inc in USA, meet all of the requirements of the WEE/RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU in respect of mercury, lead, cadmium and chromium PBB, PBDE, halogens and phthalate plasticers content

Full certification of Unisect’s compliance with the requirements of WEE/RoHs is shown in the documents listed below.

UKAScert.pdf Accreditation Certificate Certificate of Compliance Unisect 11HV.pdf Unisect 11HV Unisect 11LV.pdf Unisect 11LV Unisect 1160.pdf Unisect 1160 Unisect 1270.pdf Unisect 1270 Unisect 1280.pdf Unisect 1280 Unisect 2120.pdf Unisect 2120 Unisect 2160.pdf Unisect 2160 Blank Labels.pdf Unisect Blank Label

Unisect worldwide also offer their doming resin with zero content of added mercury.  These resins are designated ‘MF’ grades e.g. Unisect 2160MF.  Such resins have exactly the same processing properties, cure characteristics and cured performance as the standard range of WEE/RoHS compliant resins

Unisect WEE-RoHS Compliance Statement 2.pdf