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General Doming Products

Unisect 11LVn3a.pdf

Unisect 11LV

Low viscosity flexible resin, suitable for general doming operations

Doming Resins with 1.1 v/v mixing ratio


Unisect 11HV

High viscosity flexible resin suitable for domes with high dome height.

Unisect 1160n2.pdf

Unisect 1160

This very high hardness resin maintains some flexibility and is suitable for those applications where glass hardness is required.

Unisect 1270n3a.pdf

Unisect 1270

A water white transparent plyurethane resin specifically created for use in the production of labels and badges

Doming Resins with 1.2 v/v mixing ratio

Unisect 1280n2.pdf

Unisect 1280

A high hardness resin suitable for applications demanding a glass like finish

Doming Resins with 2.1 v/v mixing ratio

Unisect 2120b.pdfUnisect 2160n3a.pdf

Unisect 2160

A general purpose doming resin with low viscosity and good flow characteristics.

Doming Resins with 55.100 v/v mixing ratio

Unisect 1275n3.pdf

Unisect 1275

A medium viscosity doming resin used to produce flexible domes using older types of dispensing machines

All resins featured under General Doming Product are available in various gel times to suit particular customer requirements and all are fully RoHS compliant.

Mercury free versions designated ‘MF’ grades, are available as required.

The following files contain complete descriptions of each of the products we produce along with their recommended applications; we will also make resins to suit customer specifications.  View/download any of the files by clicking on the adjacent PDF icon

Unisect 2120

Highly flexible tough doming resin.